Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Showroom nice and full

No empty holes in the showroom at the dealership these days. We finally have plenty of units in stock. For a while, we couldn't get inventory fast enough.

Awesome view overlooking Crested Butte 2007

Josh took this picture of us overlooking Crested Butte from the top of one of the lifts. It was warmer than normal so you can see down at the bottom, there were alot of places that the snow had already melted in town.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sweet Kawasaki green wakeboard boat

Denise and Brennen cheesing it up for the camera

Denise and Brennen were cheesing it up for the camera while we waited for our food to show up.

Crested Butte snowboard trip back in March 2007

Thought I would put these pictures of our first trip and attempt at snowboarding. This is where we got bit with the bug for it. It was extremely warm on this trip. It actually got up into the 50's while we were there. We did alot of falling down on this trip but as soon as we got back home and rested up, we were planning our next trip.

Is this crazy or what!

We past this car on I 70 headed back into Denver to the airport from
our snowboarding trip. It is hard to tell from the photo but the snow on top of this car was over 3 feet thick.

Christmas 2007 at the Hall's

Christmas 2007 at Dad and Pam's

Christmas 2007 at Mom and Eual's

Photos taken at Mom and Eual's for Christmas

Christmas 2007 pictures at home

Some photos taken Christmas morning at home

Copper Mtn. snowboard trip day 4

The last day at Copper. The sun finally started to shine and it was not snowing. We got over 2 feet of snow while we were there. We had a great time on this trip. We are hoping to get to go back in March of 2008.

Copper Mtn. snowboard trip day 3

More photos of our trip to Copper Mtn. ski resort. We are finally starting to get the hang of it.

Copper Mtn. snowboard trip days 1 and 2

This is the first set of photos from our second snowboard trip. Rod and Juleah invited us to go with them and some of there friends on this trip that they take at the first of the year every year. We had so much fun. We are hooked on snowboarding now and can't wait to go back again. We stayed at Dave and Melinda's condo in Frisco.

My birthday party at Mom's 2007

Just took some group pictures while we were all together at mom's for my birthday and Austens.

Rod and Juleah Christmas party 2007

Took a few photos at Rod and Juleah's Christmas party. These are some great friends of ours.

Christmas 2007 at home

christmas at home 2007 from Brent on Vimeo.

Took some video footage of Christmas morning at home.

Brennen's 2007 Christmas school program

I took a few pictures of Brennen at his Christmas program at school.

Short video of Atlantis 2007

atlantis 2007 trip from Brent on Vimeo.

I took some video while we were at Atlantis. The quality is not that good. I finally towards the end of it figured out why it wouldn't focus all the way.

Kawasaki Dealer trip to Atlantis #6 2007

This was our last day at Atlantis. I decided to take some pictures from the bus on the way to the airport also. This place was so amazing. Now we are just trying to figure out a way to go back. Was so nice but was extremely expensive also. Had a great time though

Kawasaki Dealer trip to Atlantis #5 2007

On these photos, I just decided to walk around and take some pictures of the scenery.

Kawasaki Dealer trip to Atlantis #4 2007

Just another day in paradise at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. We are starting to get used to being spoiled here.

Kawasaki Dealer trip to Atlantis #3 2007

On this day of the trip, we got to go out to one of the barrier reefs and do some snorkeling. The water was so clear. They took us out on a catamaran sale boat and anchored off and we got to dive in. The water was freezing so we didn't stay in long but we loved it.

Kawasaki Dealer trip to Atlantis day#2 2007

These are just more photos from Atlantis on our trip. Denise is ready to move there.

Kawasaki Dealer trip to Atlantis day#1 2007

This is the first photo's we took at Atlantis. We won this trip from Kawasaki on a program that they had. We have never been to a place so nice and that we enjoyed so much. It was beautiful.

Nascar Kansas 2007 at Kansas Motor Speedway.

For the 2007 race, we invited Rod and Juleah to come with us. This was the first Nascar race either of them had been to. We didn't have an rv so Rod's dad let us take his. I think we got Juleah hooked on the whole "Nascar" thing. Was a pretty good race too.

Kawasaki Dealer meeting 2007 in Las Vegas.

We got to stay at the Mandalay Bay for for the 2008 product Kawasaki Dealer meeting. The resort was so nice. Denise got to hang out by the pool while I did dealer stuff.

Mom's birthday party 2007

A few photos taken at Mom's birthday party.

Creation Museum in Florence KY 2007

After going to the Polaris Dealer meeting, we took Brennen to the new Creation Museum in Florence KY. We had a great time there and of course Brennen loved all the dinosaur stuff there.

Polaris Dealer meeting 2007 in Nashville TN

Here are a few pictures taken inside the Gaylord Palms Resort where the 2008 Polaris Dealer meeting was held. This was one of the best Polaris Dealer meetings so far.

Brennen's 9th. birthday party

This is a short video of Brennen's 9th. birthday party. We had just got back from our snowboarding trip to Breckenridge.

Spring Break 2007 Crested Butte snowboard trip

This is a short video of our first attempt at snowboarding. Rod and Juleah put together a trip with our church and we had a blast. It was warmer than usual there so we didn't have to worry about being cold. We can't wait to go again, but we definitely need more practice.