Saturday, April 26, 2008

Capturing those moments

Even after writing my previous post I found myself just out of habit going home and being somewhat selfish with my time. Brennen had gotten in trouble at school the day before and he was excited today because the teacher sent him home with a note about how good of a day he had had. He had been punished and was not allowed to watch tv or play on the computer or video games so he wanted all my attention. At first I gave it to him then I just wanted to relax and watch a few shows I had recorded. He in turn wanted to watch a movie with me that I was not all that interested in. After much negotiation, he got his way and the end result was a good one.
It just made me think about what this picture represents and how it seems like that was taken just a short time ago. He was 2 then, now he is 10. Those 8 years I can never get back with him and I cannot make up for all the moments that I let slip away.

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Cara said...

Wow, that picture is indescribable. Such beauty and innocence is captured here...It is just perfect.