Friday, April 25, 2008


With the passing of Rod's mother Sharon, it has made me think and reflect on all the small moments in life that I am so bad about taking for granted. I think about how often I work for that extra hour or don't spend that 30 minutes playing with my son and tell him I have had a long day and just need to rest for a little bit. I am so blessed to still have both of my parents living and one of my grandparents. As I look at myself and examine all the things around me, I realize that the one person that I have really been unfair to is my incredible wife that I have been married to for soon to be 20 years in August. My parents did what I think was an amazing job of raising me and teaching me what I needed to know growing up and making sure that Godly principals and values were established in my life from a very early age. But, you reach a point in your life to where the influence they have on you is released and that is past on to the person you spend the rest of your life with.

I have been so blessed to have Denise there with me as I have grown and attempted to mature in my adult life, from running a construction company with my brother and my dad to venturing out into the unknown in opening up a motorcycle dealership. She has been there propping me up and helping me to have the confidence I needed to be able to do it. In that growth process though for me, she has made many sacrifices and I have cheated her out of those moments that are so simple but yet so important to her.

I know that right now Rod is searching and trying to find God in the passing of his mother and that huge loss that he is feeling right now. I will miss her dearly because she was a very special lady. What it has done in my life is made me realize how important that simple little phone call to my parents can be, something that seems like no big deal to me could be a huge deal to them. That I need to grab on to those small moments with my son, right now I am still pretty cool in his eyes but I know those days are numbered as he gets closer to his teenage years, I realize I need to treasure these times. And for my wife, how blest I am to have someone that still loves me, even after knowing all my flaws and imperfections, because there are many, has helped me become a better person because of all the many values she has, have wore off on me in my areas of weekness. These things are what I grab onto in this time and this is what Sharon going to heaven has done in my life.


Juleah said...

I don't even know how to comment. It is so good to know that just one life was inspired by her passing. Do not let this strong urge to be with your family fade away with time. Time can be a curse or a blessing, it is ultimately up to us.

Cara said...

This brings what Shane said today home for me: that there is healing for others in your suffering. Rod and Juleah are suffering greatly for their precious mother and mother-in-love (as Juleah calls her!), but you are finding healing in your own family. When we love God and do things for His purpose and glory, He will never allow anything to be in vain. I have been so blessed by this post; thank you so much for sharing. You and Denise are very dear to Matt and me.