Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year's Resolution

Discovering something that you enjoy is a great thing in life. Being blessed to be able to discover them is even more enjoyable. We got invited to go on a snowboard trip last year that happens the first week of the year each year. If it was just for the snowboarding, it would be a great trip. But what really makes this trip so fun is getting to be with and hang out with some people that we really enjoy and have a great time with.
My resolution for 2009 is to have as much fun and to enjoy life as much as possible and treasure those things that I have been blessed with. I have this amazing woman that I spend everyday with and finding things that we enjoy doing together has been one of the funnest adventures in my life. Then I have this little boy that I see so much of me in and so much of his mom in. I want him to never question or doubt how much his parents love him and care about him. I pray that in 2009 that he will see that nothing in this world is more important to me than him and his mom.

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