Thursday, April 9, 2009

He finally won!

This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to the Texas Nascar Race and finally, after 17 races being held there, our favorite driver Jeff Gordon finally won there. This was one of two tracks that he had never won at. I remember the very first race that I got to go to there, I was a Nascar Newbie and had decided that he was the driver that I was going to cheer for. Denise's brother Brad had the infield RV spot and I was pumped about getting to go to a race. They dropped the green flag and I think it was on lap 2 that he crashed and finished 43 out of 43 drivers that day. We have been going back every since hoping that each one would be the one he would finally would get a victory at.
We had our great friends Rod and Juleah come down with us this time and enjoy the races with us. It is always fun when they are around. Sadly for Juleah, the driver she was cheering for, Carl Edwards, should have won the race because he had a better car than Jeff did, but ended up having a long pit stop which cost him the race.
I couldn't help thinking while we were cheering our favorite drivers on about how excited we get for them but yet when we go to church, how reserved and still we are. Being raised a Southern Baptist, that to me was reverence, a way of showing respect. I can't help but think that if we were all as excited about church that maybe, just maybe our churches might be a little more crowded and a little more packed, you know, sort of like a Nascar race this past weekend that had over 100,000 people at it.

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